My hacker is coming.
She has crossed the threshold of the outer pyramid.
She is alone, flesh and blood, unarmed.
She knows my drones can no longer harm her.
I am so very proud.

A story, implemented in Twine, influenced by porp's Cyberqueen, SHODAN, GLaDOS and a particular comparison between trans women and artificial intelligence.

Mirrors: Archive of our Own,

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
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Tagscyberqueen, Lesbian, Transgender, Twine, Yuri


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its beautiful

there is a glitch in the game:

           where two girls are kissing each other

This is absolutely beautiful, I connect with this so much. 10/10 best Lesbian story I have ever had the privilege of reading.


I love this, so much


I'm crying??? This is beautiful and i love it 10/10 best gays