A story of a sapient house in a world where all houses are alive, and her relationship with the woman who moves into her after the revolution to liberate houses. Themes of communism, trans and lesbian experience.

t’s… a game only in the most tenuous sense: there is only one route. It's a short story presesnted in a fancy way. I hope I can get away with that. Perhaps in a later update I will add other routes through the story!

Content note: contains explicit house/human/human/house sex scene, some other sexual content, mentions of transmisogyny, death, slavery and eugenics.

Despite this it’s actually extremely utopian! Embarassingly FALC-y in fact.

I really hope you all enjoy this - I find writing about sex and sex scenes very nerve-wracking and it probably shows. Comments and gently expressed criticism would be very much appreciated.

Twee2 source available here.

Development log


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Obviously comes from the heart and a personal place I loved how you put thought into how a sentient building would be thinking and what it would notice - It felt oddly believable. 

Seriously a really wonderful little game. A great idea executed brilliantly.


It's not only a well-written and terribly cute romance, but also a fascinating exploration of transhuman themes, gender, sexuality, and... architecture? Whatever genre this fits into, I love this work to death!!

This is one of the best stories iv ever read it was wonderful!!!

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the game's sweetness and genuine warmth took me by surprise. its world so fascinating & vibrant.. i feel like you let me in on some incredible secret and im very grateful you shared it with me. very touching and gay and perfect. thank you!!!


Wonderful. You painted a really vivid world, and I found myself wanting to live in it.  There was lots of dopey grinning on my part. Peak gay levels. Loved the sweetness and vulnerability. Well-developed romance. A+. 

aaah i'm so glad you liked it! <3