A story of a sapient house in a world where all houses are alive, and her relationship with the woman who moves into her after the revolution to liberate houses. Themes of communism, trans and lesbian experience.

t’s… a game only in the most tenuous sense: there is only one route. It's a short story presesnted in a fancy way. I hope I can get away with that. Perhaps in a later update I will add other routes through the story!

Content note: contains explicit house/human/human/house sex scene, some other sexual content, mentions of transmisogyny, death, slavery and eugenics.

Despite this it’s actually extremely utopian! Embarassingly FALC-y in fact.

I really hope you all enjoy this - I find writing about sex and sex scenes very nerve-wracking and it probably shows. Comments and gently expressed criticism would be very much appreciated.

Twee2 source available here.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsfully-automated-luxury-communism, Transgender, Twine, Yuri

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I'm probably not the first to post that Junji Ito manga panel with the woman saying the house is sexy, so I won't. But I wish I were.


Hehehe, I have indeed been shown that panel, but by all means let me share it for everyone in this thread ^^ This is from The Wooden Mansion, a short story by Junji Ito.

do you know i clean forgot putting that line on the end page. I think you actually are the first, after six years! congratulations! please enjoy 100 points!

I think of this story often, even after 5 years its still one of my all time faves <3

so sweet! love the gay FALC energy!


Well this was a rather surreal experience, but in like, a good way? I never thought i'd enjoy reading about weird scifi-trans-lesbian-house-sex but here we are

That being said i'd love to see more stories in this universe, seems like a very interesting setting to explore and with a lot of potential for cool characters!

I... uh... may have accidentally a fanfiction. We'll see how far it goes.

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Oh my god! I'm glad my old story could inspire you to write. Looking forward to reading.

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Really good story! but, for a "straight" minute I thought the story read my computer name, then I remembered "it cant do that...can it?" and begin to research. Have concluded; it can not read your computer name..this has been:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Me being a dumb homo. Thank you.


Aw! No so far as I know that is not possible from within browser. Must have been some sort of weird coincidence. Glad you enjoyed the story, in any case!


something about lesbian house sex yeah!

Yeah indeed!


While the story is cute and the romance is wonderful, I don't believe this is a game. This is a book. A book where you click pink words to turn the page. The story is well written and well thought out, but it falls short of being an actual game. Still you did very good with the story and Characters.

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Thank you! But who said it's supposed to be a game? I don't consider it such either :)

Obviously comes from the heart and a personal place I loved how you put thought into how a sentient building would be thinking and what it would notice - It felt oddly believable. 

Seriously a really wonderful little game. A great idea executed brilliantly.


It's not only a well-written and terribly cute romance, but also a fascinating exploration of transhuman themes, gender, sexuality, and... architecture? Whatever genre this fits into, I love this work to death!!

This is one of the best stories iv ever read it was wonderful!!!

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the game's sweetness and genuine warmth took me by surprise. its world so fascinating & vibrant.. i feel like you let me in on some incredible secret and im very grateful you shared it with me. very touching and gay and perfect. thank you!!!


Wonderful. You painted a really vivid world, and I found myself wanting to live in it.  There was lots of dopey grinning on my part. Peak gay levels. Loved the sweetness and vulnerability. Well-developed romance. A+. 

aaah i'm so glad you liked it! <3